Let Anna help you get a good start to the day

Our eminent member Anna Vogel has during his time as a life coach found tools that simplify all the stresses of the morning. The routine may not suddenly make you love Monday mornings, but it lays a good foundation for the day - both in body and soul. 

For Anna, there is nothing that puts her in a worse mood than morning stress. A few years ago, she therefore decided to do something about it.

- Even though I am far from getting up and training at five o'clock, I have found a routine that gives me a good start in the morning. And best of all, the feeling lasts for the rest of the day.

Anna's own morning routine

Anna's mornings consist of ten minutes of meditation to land in herself, ten minutes of writing in her diary to clear her head and set her intention for the day and a good morning coffee / breakfast in peace and quiet.

- I also train and sauna two to three days a week at a gym near the office. This morning routine has made me calmer, more alert and happier!

Anna's 4 tricks for a better morning
  • Accept your current situation
    Sometimes we are in a phase in life (for example the toddler years) when you can be happy if you manage to put on matching socks and a top without vomiting. Then ten minutes of meditation can feel like climbing Mount Everest. My trick then is that you find something tiny to do. Can you have a coffee for five minutes and write down your most important points for the day? Take a little detour to preschool to get in more exercise? Stretch out your body for three minutes on the yoga mat? Your morning routine should be feasible and not create more stress in life.
  • Do the routine at the same time every morning
    For example, I always do my meditation right when I wake up. As soon as I start talking to the others in the family and making breakfast, it's easy for something else to take over my focus. Having a specific time means that we remember our routine and that it becomes a habit we make automatically eventually.
  • Allow yourself to succeed and find your thing!
    It's better to start with something shorter in the beginning and really get it done, than to set far too high goals. My routine (meditation and writing) does not take long to do, but makes a big difference for the rest of the day. I also want to suggest that you find just YOUR thing to do in the morning. Is it most important for you to exercise / move, structure the day, meditate or just drink a coffee in peace and quiet? Set aside time for what is most important to you.
  • Prepare for a good morning the night before
    What can you do in the evening that gives you a better morning? Decide what to wear? Pack the training bag? Prepping the coffee maker? Present the yoga mat? Check out tomorrow's meetings? These are the world's best tricks to reduce morning stress. Otherwise, I easily become a person who wanders around, looking for things and comes to work with his breath in his throat.
Do something for yourself for once!

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Facts about Anna Vogel

Coach, mindfulness instructor and singer with a background in the cultural industry.

Supports individuals and companies in becoming more sustainable and gaining access to power, creativity and inner motivation. Anna has a coaching program for women, Women in Business, and the podcast En coffee with Vogel. Has the band Little Boxes and a solo project in music. Has run his own production company in performances and events.

She loves cool people, conversation, good food, decor, sauna, swimming, dancing, music, books and having fun. Lives in Bagarmossen with her husband and two teenage children. Dreams of a house on a hill in Spain where she can look at the sea, write, read and have dinners for family and friends.