Upcoming Events

Guided Meditations at The Park

Take 15 minutes in the middle of your week to pause and relax. We want to help you meditate and experience less stress and improve your overall health.

The Park has partnered with www.themindfulnessapp.com

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Wellness with Weini

Over the next few weeks Weini welcomes you to her Wellness Wednesday sessions where she will introduce different wellness modalities such as breath work, meditation, journaling and yoga. The first session will be

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Ping Pong Friday

Fancy a game of ping pong?

We meet every friday at 16:00 for a few casual games, or perhaps even a tournament from time to time? Come and prove yourself as the ping pong

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YesWeHack’s Client Success Stories

Security leaders must continuously adapt their security stack to defend expanding attack surfaces against fast-evolving threats. And with vulnerabilities providing key entry points to networks and customer data, optimizing security testing

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