Member portrait: Berenice Robaglia

Meet Bea, a creative soul and entrepreneur who has been a Tribe Leader at The Park since late 2023. We asked her to tell us a bit about herself and her company!

“I’m Bea, I am an artist and an entrepreneur with the firm conviction that art is not about the end-product but about the process. Somehow being an entrepreneur is very close to being an entrepreneur, it involves a blend of courage, openness, and a deep commitment to exploring opportunities and connecting the dots.

And that’s why I created Soul Canvas, to use art as an agent of connection. At Soul Canvas, our mission is to empower people with art and creativity. Our workshops go beyond traditional boundaries, blending art with mindfulness and coaching to unlock growth and foster deep connections among individuals and teams.”

How does being a Tribe Leader at The Park benefit you?

“Leading a tribe at The Park, I aim to engage with and inspire change-makers and entrepreneurs, shifting their focus from relentless doing to playful exploration. Many are incredibly creative without realizing it, nor seeing its benefits.

As a tribe leader, my goal is to guide members on their self-discovery journey, helping them overcome self-judgment and habitual patterns. This transcends mere painting and drawing; it’s about empowering individuals to realize their full potential and experience the joy that comes from interacting with new people. We offer a refreshing alternative to the usual networking hustle”, says Bea.

What have you recently learned that you find exciting?

“After a month at The Park, I’ve learned a lot. What really hit me today is this: it’s possible to get paid just by connecting people together – what a dream job. Also that the Park is full of diverse people doing everything from poetry slams to singing opera and training robots. And I’ve got to say, I’ve found British food to be surprisingly good, quite a statement from a French lady.”

What are you looking forward to in our collaboration ahead?

“I’m eager to delve into understanding the needs of members at The Park and creatively tailor workshops that surprise and resonate with both individuals and companies. I’m also thrilled about facilitating at The Park, my new workshop ‘Unleash Your Authentic Self’ in collaboration with an MBTI coach. A fantastic lady I actually met at The Park. Finally, I’m excited about launching Soul Canvas in The Park’s new space in Hagastaden.”

We are super excited to have you as a member and Tribe Leader at The Park, Bea! Looking forward to many collaborations ahead.



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