“The members are what truly defines The Park” – a chat with Charlie Ohlén, CEO Mentalytics

We sat down with Charlie Ohlén this week to have a chat about our member  Mentalytics and the new community activity that we’ll have on floor 1 at The Park Södra.

Charlie is the CEO of Mentalytics, which is an interactive product that you might already have come across in science centers. It is often used to help the younger generation learn about neuroscience and EEG, showcasing the power of the brain – much like a game of “mental table tennis” where opponents play against each other using not rackets, but their brain waves.

The history behind Mentalytics

“Back in 2003, my mother founded the company. She was the visionary behind the initial idea. Tasked by the Interactive Institute, which now falls under Rise, she evaluated different prototypes, one of which was BrainBall—a concept allowing users to control a ball solely through focus and brainwaves.

She was captivated by the concept and idea. Alongside a few others, she acquired the rights. They established what was then known as Interactive Productline, now Mentalytics. The primary goal was to introduce various prototypes to the market. However, subsequent products didn’t quite meet expectations or find their market. Instead, we recognized Mindball’s enormous potential and broad market appeal.”

He goes on to tell us that he himself decided to join the company after his studies and began working on their new goal: training focus and improving concentration in young people and various professions to enhance performance and well-being.  

Currently, they are a team of four full-time individuals and two consultants working part-time and they sit with us at The Park Södra. He says:

“I really appreciate the sense of community here (at The Park). When the pandemic hit, we made the decision to cancel our office lease and transition to remote work. As things improved and vaccinations became available, we realized the importance of having a physical workspace again. After exploring several options across town, we found The Park with its open and inviting environment—a perfect fit for our needs.”

He goes on about his first experience at The Park, “I had the chance to meet some individuals who occupied the area we were eyeing. They were incredibly welcoming, and it became clear that the members are what truly define The Park. While the facilities are excellent—with options to book conference rooms and other amenities—the sense of community is what made us stay. We’ve formed strong connections with other members, despite working in entirely different fields.”

He also emphasizes that It’s more than just networking and finding common ground; it’s also about connecting with others. “We’re a small company, so having lunch together every day can become a bit routine. Being able to share a meal with different faces adds a nice touch to our day.”

What the future holds for Mentalytics

Charlie is super excited as he tells us what he’s envisioning for the new year: “We’re conducting pilots in manufacturing sectors, both in Sweden and Mexico, aiming to make a real difference in people’s lives. Our goal is to positively impact these industries, particularly as they face challenges due to increasing automation. By enhancing the existing workforce, we aim to extend their roles within the industry, prioritizing people above all.”

And for us at The Park, we are very happy to be partnering with Mindball from the start of 2024 to offer all our members a chance to try out the product and improve performance and productivity. We believe it’s a great addition to the already-existing activities that we offer, from wellness, social to networking activities.

Charlie says, “We’re genuinely excited to introduce Mindball to fellow members in hopes of bringing awareness to neurofeedback and its many benefits. The table game will be a fun and engaging alternative to the coffee or pingpong breaks here at the office.”

The Mindball table will be placed on the lounge area on Floor 1 of The Park Södra from January 2024. Make sure you try it out next time you want a little break! 


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