STHLM.Breath Thursdays at The Park

André Wassberg and Cain Azzopardi, founders of STHLM.Breath. Photo by: Ronja Sundström

If you want to feel better and start learning about breathwork, come join STHLM.Breath at The Park. Cain Azzopardi and André Wassberg are here to help, whether you’re new to breathwork or have some experience.

Regular events at The Park

On Thursdays STHLM.Breath has calm and friendly sessions where you can learn to breathe mindfully. Whether you want to find peace inside, boost your well-being, or just take a break from a busy day, our sessions are a chance to connect with yourself and your breath.

Don’t let a busy life stop you from relaxing and feeling clear-headed. Come to STHLM.Breath at The Park for a breathwork session that can improve your well-being. All experience levels are welcome, and our instructors will guide you to a more mindful, healthy, and balanced life.

Remember, your breath is a powerful tool. Learning to use it can change how you experience life. So, take a deep breath, let go of stress, and let your breath guide you to a happier, healthier you!

See the full video down below.                                                  

Do you also want to host an event? 

If you know of a community looking for an exceptional event venue, be sure to let them know about Bandstand at The Park. Whether it’s a startup community, improv comedy group, or punk music enthusiasts, as long as you’re bringing people together and promoting innovation, we are happy to provide you with a venue. 

Read more at www.thepark.se/bandstand 

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