Music and Innovation at MÅNDAGSKLUBBEN

Måndagsklubben, the go-to event for musicians, music tech fans, and music pros, is returning for its second round on November 6th at The Park Södra. This special event is a team effort by Mats Björke, STHLM Music City, and The Park, created for people with similar interests to connect, learn, and share knowledge!

In the summer of 2023, Måndagsklubben was born thanks to the collaboration of Mats Björke and Steffi von Kannemann from Better Things Berlin. Their idea was simple: to give music professionals and enthusiasts a place to explore the ever-changing music industry. The first event, led by Mats Björke, provided insights into entering the German music scene and featured a meeting with the innovative music tech startup, Another Block. This debut happened at the well-known Twang Guitars venue, setting the stage for more to come.

Now, Måndagsklubben has a new home at The Park Södra, where we warmly invite anyone interested in building connections at the intersection of traditional music and technology in a welcoming and relaxed environment.

Event Details:

Date: November 6th, 2023

Time: 18:00 – 20:00

Location: The Park Södra

An opportunity for networking

Our second Måndagsklubben edition follows an After Work/Open Mic format, offering a mix of live music and brief presentations of cutting-edge innovations you can experience firsthand. Whether you’re a musician, tech enthusiast, or music pro, this event caters to your interests. It’s a chance to explore the latest trends, connect with like-minded folks, and showcase your talents.

Måndagsklubben is all about breaking down barriers and promoting collaboration in the music world. Whether you’re an artist seeking new opportunities, a tech trailblazer aiming to shake up the industry, or a music professional expanding your network, Måndagsklubben provides the perfect platform to nurture these connections.

Join us on November 6th for an evening of music, innovation, and networking. Måndagsklubben promises to bridge the gap between music and technology, opening up new opportunities for everyone involved. We can’t wait to see you there as we continue to build a vibrant community that thrives on creativity and cooperation. Welcome to Måndagsklubben – where music meets innovation!

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