Strengthen your own Life Science-community in forskaren

In coworking spaces, fostering a sense of community, facilitating connections, and promoting networking are essential. At The Park, we make it easy for people who have similar interests or hobbies to connect with others using our community platform

growing together at the park

When you’re at The Park, you’re among many different people. We want to bring together those who like or are interested in similar areas. 

For example, the “Life Science Hub” at The Park serves as a unique gathering place for those passionate about life science. It provides a platform for professionals and enthusiasts in the life science field to collaborate on cutting-edge research, foster industry connections, and accelerate life-changing discoveries. This Network Group acts as a catalyst for innovation and progress in the life science community.

The “Running Club” at The Park is an ideal platform for fitness enthusiasts. Members share tips, find running companions, and connect with fellow runners. Regular meetups offer the perfect opportunity to improve fitness and promote a sense of community and well-being among its members.

The “Personal Development Network” is a community of individuals passionate about personal and professional growth. Here, members connect with like-minded professionals, share experiences, and collectively strive for transformation and empowerment. Together, they inspire, learn, and thrive on the journey of self-improvement.

Uniting for Growth, Collaboration, and Empowerment

These special people play an important role in bringing everyone together, helping them make connections, and making progress in different areas. They can organize events, use conference rooms, and get other benefits because they add a lot of value to The Park with their presence. So, whether you love science, enjoy staying active, or want to grow personally and professionally, The Park Network has a group for you. By joining these groups, you can learn more, work with like-minded people, and be a part of a community that believes in coming together and reaching shared goals.

Join a life science community 

2024 is not far away, and with that the opening of Forskaren. Do you want to be part of a building representing life science and innovation? Read more HERE

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