Upskill and reskill: Insights from THE THIRD EDITION OF THE Freelance Mornings Event

In a world where change is a constant, the ability to adapt and learn continuously is a lifeline for freelancers. Embracing a growth mindset, actively seeking opportunities for skill development, and staying ahead in a dynamic professional landscape are all essential for success.

UPSKILL AND RESKILL: freelance mornings version 3

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Emelie Fågelstedt & Rasmus Solholm

The third edition of Freelance Mornings was a success. As always, the event kicked off bright and early at 08:30, with attendees enjoying a delicious breakfast and freshly brewed coffee. The event, hosted by Emelie Fågelstedt and Rasmus Solholm, was an opportunity to connect with like-minded freelancers, share experiences, and gain insights from experts!

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Freelancers from various backgrounds gathered at the event, held at The Park Södra, to unlock their potential and gain valuable insights into thriving in the world of freelancing. The event dived into the critical elements of unlocking your potential as a freelancer, most specifically how to upskill and reskill as a freelancer. In a world where adaptability and continuous learning are prerequisites for success, this event couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. 


An inspiring panel

At the heart of the event was a panel discussion on upskilling and reskilling, featuring insights from four freelancers who generously shared their unique journeys.

The panelists were:

Emelie Fågelstedt and Rasmus Solholm – hosts
Katarina Strömberg – Moderator / Facilitator / Consultant
Johan Åberg – Founder and CEO, Next State
Monica Avby-Strahm LinkedIn Talent Solutions – Nordics

The conversation centered around the transformation of LinkedIn and its invaluable offering of top courses that empower freelancers to stay ahead in their ever-evolving fields. The event carried a poignant message, with the quote brought by one of the panelists Johan Åberg, “Hell on earth would be the person you could have been,” underscoring the importance of internal change and the significance of reskilling and upskilling in one’s life. 

It was emphasized that upskilling and reskilling are more than professional development; they signify curiosity, taking charge, and the unique freedom that comes with being a freelancer. Ultimately, the reason to embark on a freelance journey was explored: the pursuit of freedom, financial independence, and the opportunity to make a meaningful difference.

The Power of Collaboration and Community: Join the Conversation

While the event was well-attended, it’s crucial to remember that Freelance Mornings is open to all freelancers, regardless of their experience level. The sense of community, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing is what makes this event a must-attend for anyone in the freelance world.

For those who missed out on the third Freelance Mornings event, stay tuned for the next edition. Freelance Mornings continues to be a cornerstone of support and growth for freelancers, and we’re excited to see how it evolves in the future!

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