Måndagsklubben is the place to network for musicians, music tech enthusiasts, and music professionals – a collaboration between Mats Björke, STHLM Music City, and The Park. We aim to create a relaxed get-together where participants can learn and exchange knowledge.

The second event will be held on the 4th of December between 17.00-20.00 as an After Work – Open Mic concept for music performances and short presentations of creative innovations that you can try out!

WE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU on Dec 4th. Doors Open from 17.00, programme starts @ 17.45

Tickets are free for The Park members! Enter the code THEPARK2312 to get your ticket for free.

Free to join us any time up to 20.00 for further info, email events@sthlmmusic.se

Självledarskapet i tider av förändring, med Malin Rapp

Fördjupande kunskap, praktiska metoder och banbrytande forskning! Athenas och The Park bjuder nu in till en frukostföreläsning du inte vill missa med Malin Rapp – Självledarskapet i tider av förändring.

Vi startar upp kl.08.00 med frukost och mingel på The Park Södra som uppladdning innan vi startar på scen kl.08.30 kom i god tid för att inte missa något.

Starta dagen på bästa sätt med en inspirerande frukostföreläsning tillsammans med Malin Rapp, utsedd till årets föreläsare 2023. Med starka forskningsinsikter belyser Malin Rapp vikten av självledarskap, inte enbart som ett sätt att hantera och anpassa sig till förändring, utan också för att växa tillsammans med den! Hon visar hur vi kan skapa en lärande kultur där medarbetare trivs och tar ansvar för sin egen och organisationens utveckling! Detta är en möjlighet du inte vill missa!

NÄR: 1:a December, kl.08:00
VAR: The Park Södra, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1, 118 65 Stockholm

Vi garanterar att du kommer att gå från The Park med ny inspiration, ökad motivation och praktiska metoder för självledarskap.

Anmälningar öppnar vecka 45.  Begränsade platser. Inom en vecka efter din anmälan kommer du att mottaga en bekräftelse som informerar dig om du har fått en plats eller inte.

Varmt välkommen önskar ATHENAS X THE PARK!

Zmitser Vaytiushkevich at The Park

Den berömda belarusiska barden Zmitser Vaytiusjkevitj i Stockholm (https://open.spotify.com/artis… )

Han är en av de främsta representanterna för den oberoende belarusiska musiken. Hans musik är svårdefinierad, eftersom den undflyr alla mallar. Från sjungen poesi, via alternativ rock, till tango och klassiska toner. På grund av hans starka ställning mot regimen är han tvungen att leva i exil och turnerar utomlands.

Den 1 december uppträder Zmitser Vaytiusjkevitj med en akustisk solokonsert på Bandstand Parkcaféet på Södermalm, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1. En god och prisvärd middag serverad i caféet innan konserten som börjar klockan 19.00. Baren kommer att vara öppen från 18:00 och under hela konserten. Ingen åldersgräns.

Breathwork at The Park

Welcome to a transformative journey into the realm of breathwork! This class offers a fascinating insight into the profound world of the breath. Our session comprises a brief introductory lecture on breathwork, followed by an immersive breathwork experience designed to leave you feeling both relaxed and invigorated.
STHLM.Breath is a company dedicated advocate for enhancing mental, physical, and emotional well-being. We specialise in instructing science-backed breathwork and mindfulness techniques that empower individuals to master stress management, emotional regulation, immune system enhancement, and the cultivation of enduring resilience.
No matter your level of experience, everyone is warmly welcomed to join us on this journey!
Welcome to ‘410. Garbo’ conference room, level 4, The Park Södra.
Love and light,
André and Cain


Ready to ignite your inner Glow?

Our mission this day is to promote a positive and inclusive approach that prioritizes mental and emotional wellness. We strive to empower you to love and accept yourself while achieving your work- life goals.

Are you an ambitious modern woman that would like to develop strategies to promote overall well-being while juggling professional responsibility?

Join us on this incredible event towards a work-life balance.

We are 3 women that decided to put our experience, skills and passion for health and wellbeing together and created this concept Freedomhealth-Freedom, Health, Empowerment. And this is what you will experience this day.

Flow & Glow Dance

This is an exhilarating journey to self-empowerment. Unleash your inner power with diverse choreographies, inspired by styles like feminine vibe, Hip Hop, and contemporary. Every step, every sway is an affirmation of your strength and beauty. Embrace your strength, freedom and unleash your authentic self on this transformative journey.

Marica – the innovative founder of Flow & Glow Dance,has with her burning passion for dance redefined the dance landscape. She’s not just a dance enthusiast; she’s a seasoned dance authority who’s cultivated a transformative approach to movement. She will give you a magical physical, mental och emotional journey this day.

Freedomhealth Session

Malin Karlsson – the founder of Yoveda, is a holistic health coach and counselor with over 20 years experience. She will be sharing how you can achieve your goals with ease and without burnout, become self-confident and recognize your strengths and stop being afraid to show up for yourself. She found out the best ways to improve her work-life balance during her own personal journey, that she now wants to share.

A taste of finest seasoning

Emma Nyman – the founder of finest seasoning has a passion for making healthy food accessible to everyone. She will offer you a vitamin-enriched and tasty healthbowl topped with her own roasted and produced granola. And let you now how you can use this product in your daily life.

This event is free to The Park members.

For non-members, participation is 150:- which are paid upon arrival.

Freelance Mornings: Version 4 – AI Boosting

Welcome to join us for our fourth Freelance Mornings on December 1st at the Park Södra in Stockholm. Connect, inspire and be inspired by fellow freelancers in the early morning hours. We meet at 08:30 for breakfast, coffee and talks – on and off stage. A full packed hour of networking and new insights!

Theme of the month: AI boosting


​Emelie Fågelstedt and Rasmus Solholm – hosts

Karin Hamberg Stén – AI Consultant & Prompt Specialist

The scoop: AI is the talk of the town everywhere right now. But beyond the buzz and futuristic headlines – how can you actually utilize generative AI to enhance your everyday workflow, and worklife? Knowledge that we believe that every freelancer can benefit from today to keep on top of the competition.

Join us in exploring the hows and whats of available tools for generative AI: from ChatGPT and Midjourney to Runway and Microsoft Copilot. What prompts can help you get where you want to go? What tasks can become more efficient with the help of AI?

We’ll explore how you as a freelancer can set up your very own team of AI assistants. And maybe also get a bit more free time by working smarter, not harder.

Partners: Freelance Mornings are free thanks to the support of local partners and generous venues. This morning is supported by The Park.

One hour + Co-working: Freelance Mornings always take place between 08:30 – 09:30. Breakfast and coffee included.

After the meetup you are free to stick around and work at The Park Södra together with us for the rest of the day.

Everyone is welcome. But seats are limited. Just register beforehand to reserve your spot. Remember to set your alarm, and we’ll see you in the morning!

Game and Puzzle Evening

Welcome to join us for a fun night of games and puzzles!🃏🎲 We want to arrange a potluck/knytkalas but instead of food, we all contribute with games and puzzles (board games/puzzles that can be finished in less than 2 hours preferably) 🤗


We will bring some games/puzzles but please do help us out, the more the merrier! Please apply as soon as possible as the spots are limited due to the number of games available at the moment. There will be no food at the event but the bistro is open where one can get drinks and snacks. Let the games begin (soon at least)! 💥

Brits/Expats in Stockholm – Working Professionals Networking Evening

Hello Brits,

Time to lock in the date for our next networking evening at The Park Bistro on Södermalm Following successfully gathering 70 Brits into a room back in August, here comes the second episode of the ‘Brits/Expats Networking’ event at The Park. We will finish up at the local pub as before.

Agenda to follow and more information can be found on the LinkedIn Group “Working Professionals Based in Sweden – Brits/Expat Networking”

This event is designed for working professionals who are looking to expand their network and meet like-minded individuals. Join if:

– You are open to network with likeminded expats who are employed and working across a range of sectors here in Stockholm, and grow your professional network

– You are looking to grow your personal network, meeting people who work in a similar field or grew up in your home city/town – You are sociable and miss British humor

– You have a strong relationship to the UK (lived/worked/studied) The event is planned to take place on Thu Nov 30 2023 at 17:00.

A couple of small asks:

– The aim is to expand our network, so please resist the temptation to bring lots of people who you already know

– This is not supposed to be sales event, but naturally people will discuss what they do and explore mutual collaborations. Please be open to discuss 🙂

– At this stage only those who are actively working within Stockholm should attend, let’s try and keep the audience as relevant as possible. More events can come.

I’ll be back with more info soon 🙂

Lunch & Learn: How to start and grow a podcast

Podcasts are more popular than ever. So, should you or your company start one too? If you already have a podcast, how can you take it to the next level?

​Join Maddy Savage, freelance BBC producer and experienced podcaster, to discuss the benefits of launching a podcast, and the skills needed to ensure it makes an impact.

​Podcasts offer an accessible, relatively cheap way to communicate with an unlimited audience. They can help you grow your brand, share your expertise, and connect with others who share your passions, leading to new business opportunities. But they can also drain your time and resources, if the content and production quality isn’t strong enough to captivate listeners.

​Maddy will share insights gained working as a radio and podcast producer for clients including the BBC, Storyspot, Monocle Radio, Naudio and NPR. She’ll also reveal the highs and lows of launching her own founder interviews podcast The Stockholmer in 2016, and how it ultimately helped transform her work opportunities in the Nordics.

​The Park Södra has two professional podcasting studios, and our technical team will also be on hand to explain how members can make the most of our audio equipment.This event is in English but Maddy is also comfortable fielding questions in Swedish.

Bring your own lunchbox or order take-out from The Park bistro (located on the ground floor). This event is open to community members and non-members. You need to create a login if you’re a non-member!

Doors open 11.30, presentation at 12.00.

Friday Ping Pong

Fancy a game of ping pong?

We meet every friday at 16:00 for a few casual games, some rundpingis, or perhaps even a tournament from time to time? Come and prove yourself as the ping pong grandmaster at The Park Södra!