SWEACC’s Green City Cluster Meeting at The Park Södra

The Swedish – East African Chamber of Commerce (SWEACC) was founded in 2010 with a focus on fostering business ties between Sweden and East Africa. Over the years, SWEACC has grown significantly and established valuable connections. One of its exciting initiatives is the upcoming Green City cluster meeting on November 7th, which will explore the potential of green hydrogen in decarbonization and sustainable development in East Africa.


SWEACC’s Objectives and Growth

SWEACC’s core objectives include providing a meeting place for business people interested in the East African Community (EAC), organizing seminars to educate members about East African business opportunities, and facilitating informal networking between embassies, dignitaries, and the Swedish and diaspora business communities. With over 200 members, SWEACC has also built strong relationships with key Swedish institutions and regional chambers of commerce.

Green City Cluster Meeting on November 7th

The Green City cluster meeting will feature prominent speakers from Alfa-Laval and Energimyndigheten!


  • Overview of hydrogen uses in the EU/Sweden – industry and mobility sector
  • Different types of hydrogen – grey, blue, pink, green
  • The role that green hydrogen will have in decarbonization
  • Green hydrogen production system
  • Targets 2030 set by EU on local production and import
  • What are the challenges that we need to overcome together?
  • Green Deals in Uganda 2024

SWEACC’s dedication to promoting business connections between Sweden and East Africa, along with its focus on sustainability, positions it as a vital player in international business. The Green City cluster meeting exemplifies SWEACC’s forward-thinking approach and its commitment to exploring the potential of green hydrogen in East Africa’s journey towards decarbonization. This event strengthens the bond between Sweden and the EAC region, fostering eco-friendly energy solutions and sustainable growth.

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