Scared Scriptless – Mastering the Art of Impromptu Speaking with Confidence

Meet Adam Sismey, a talented performer who started in Stockholm’s theaters in 2015. He’s skilled in improv theatre, clowning, and Toastmasters. Now, he leads Playfully, a company that helps people become confident speakers. Adam’s goal is to help you give speeches and presentations with real confidence.

About Adam

Adam’s stage experience started in a theatre in Stockholm in 2015.  He has since trained in improv theatre, clowning, Toastmasters and all things playful.  He is a member of one of Stockholm’s most established improv groups and a member of Toastmasters International. Since 2020 Adam has been delivering workshops, training and events through his company Playfully. He is passionate about helping individuals and teams unleash their potential as passionate presenters in order to deliver presentations, speeches and keynotes with authenticity, confidence and impact.

Adam Sismey, CEO and Founder Playfully AB
Adam Sismey, CEO and Founder Playfully AB

Unlocking your potential 

Living in a world where unexpected opportunities often knock, the ability to think on one’s feet and articulate thoughts coherently is a priceless skill. Adam’s workshop, “Scared Scriptless – Master Impromptu Speaking with Confidence,” serves as the key to transforming nervousness into natural, spontaneous eloquence. This dynamic experience promises to guide participants on a transformative journey, unlocking the freedom of unrehearsed speaking.

Scared Scriptless – Master Impromptu Speaking with Confidence

Are you ready to conquer the unexpected and speak with confidence in any situation? Adam Sismey invites you to join his dynamic workshop designed to unleash your inner speaker and master impromptu presentations. In a world where opportunities often arise unexpectedly, the ability to think on your feet and articulate thoughts coherently is invaluable. This workshop is your key to turning nervousness into natural, spontaneous eloquence.

Benefits of the Workshop

Participants will gain an array of practical tools and techniques, equipping them to enhance communication skills, think on their feet and problem-solve, boost confidence, elevate career potential, and achieve personal growth. Led by Adam Sismey, an experienced presentation skills trainer, improviser, and public speaking coach, the workshop is tailored to bring out the best in participants and help them shine under pressure.

Adam is the embodiment of creativity, a sharp mind, and an endless source of inspiration. As a natural-born teacher, he not only entertains but also educates, making every performance an opportunity for growth.

Led by Adam, participants will break free from the constraints of scripted speaking and embrace the thrill of unscripted communication. The workshop promises to be a transformative experience, allowing individuals to discover their quick thinking superpower and become the go-to experts in impromptu presentations.

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