Nigerian Tech Delegation: Bridging innovation between Africa and Sweden

Nigerian Tech Delegation
Nigerian Tech Delegation

Business Sweden brought a distinguished delegation comprising entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders from Nigeria’s vibrant tech ecosystem to The Park, the event marked a pivotal moment in bridging continents and fostering collaboration.

Anthonia Adenaya Huard, the regional director for North and West Africa at Business Sweden, shed light on the dynamic synergy between African tech innovation and Swedish companies seeking strategic ventures abroad. The event showcased the burgeoning tech landscape in Nigeria and emphasized the pivotal role of collaboration in fostering growth and opportunity across continents.

“Africa’s tech leapfrogging presents a nexus of opportunity, and we believe in the transformative bridges that can be built between Africa and Sweden. With Sweden as an innovation bedrock, we witness the convergence of growth and change across continents, with countries like Nigeria spearheading innovation development in Africa.”, says Anthonia Adenaya Huard, from Business Sweden.

The event served as a catalyst for fostering dialogue and collaboration between Nigerian innovators and Swedish companies. By harnessing the collective ingenuity and resources of both regions, participants left with a renewed sense of optimism and purpose, poised to embark on a journey of mutual growth and prosperity.

For Swedish companies eyeing opportunities in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, Adenayua outlined three key principles:

Market Knowledge:
Understanding the nuances of the African market is paramount. Generalizations won’t suffice; instead, startups must delve deep into market data specific to their industry and target audience.

Building robust local networks and partnerships is essential for navigating the African business landscape. Leveraging existing communities and forging strategic alliances can provide invaluable support and insights.

Operating in African markets requires resilience in the face of challenges. Startups must embrace adaptability, pivot when necessary, and tap into support networks like Team Sweden to bolster their resilience.


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