The Park Studios

Make it easy for you. In our studios, you have the opportunity to smoothly and time-efficiently set up a modern and high-quality recording. Regardless of the purpose of your recording, we can provide you with a furnished studio fully equipped with the tools required for the result to feel professional and well thought out.

Live streaming in our modern studios

The Park Studios currently consists of four studios. Poddstudion. Little studio. Factory. Large studio. All are located in Stockholm within the customs at one of our co-offices on Magnus Ladulåsgatan 1, Södermalm. Our opening hours are usually Mon-Fri 08-17. If you want to record on weekends or in the evening, we will make sure to solve it. We help you with your recording from start to finish.

Podd: Podden

Are you looking for a podcast podcast studio or do you have a dream of becoming the next podcast star? The podcast studio can accommodate 2-4 people, is soundproofed and stands on the lounge side in the café at The Park Södra in central Stockholm. Equipment is included in the rent.



2-4 people

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Studio: Factory

Let your creativity flow in our modern live studio at The Park Södra, Södermalm. Here we can provide you with furniture, equipment and technology that provides the best conditions for a successful recording, interview or broadcast

Studio lamps

Wireless microphones

Cameras, Sony Alpha 660.

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Large Studio
Premiere in January

We are currently setting up a larger studio for larger recordings. The interest in this studio is already great and we ask you to contact us for booking or further information.