She draws meetings in real time!

Frida Panoussis, FridaRit, is a meeting designer, graphic recorder, certified in international sales and marketing.
With extensive experience in business development from business and the public sector in roles such as project manager, Key Account Manager and marketing manager.


As a graphic recorder / meeting writer, she uses the visual power to clarify communication and create consensus on complex issues.
She draws live at events, meetings, workshops and conferences. In real time, she summarizes what is said at meetings.
As a graphic recorder, meeting planner, she uses the power of the visual in clarifying communication and creating consensus on complex issues.
DRAWING SCHOOL April 24 at The Park South
Drawing school for everyone who holds or participates in meetings!

Why The Park?
The wonderful mix of fun people and companies. The nice, open, innovative atmosphere made the choice fall on The Park. I have sat around in several places but now I feel that I find home. That it is on the right side of town is extra good. It is also cozy and nice. The café also has a super tasty jaw.
The sales pod:
Come and meet Frida and all our other members!

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