Wellness with Weini in October

Wellness in the workplace is simply to invest in your greatest assets. A big part of her job today is to make wellness more accessible and inclusive. Weini will introduce different wellness modalities which are suitable and accessible in the office setting.  Weini Smon is a wellness enthusiast with over 10 years of experience in […]

Utmaningar och lärdomar som frilansare – en intervju med Emelie Fågelstedt

I en värld som ständigt förändras har arbetslandskapet genomgått en revolution. En person som tagit sig an denna utmaning med entusiasm är Emelie Fågelstedt, en erfaren digital kommunikatör och egenföretagare med över 14 års erfarenhet i branschen. Hon är också en av grundarna av Svenska Nomader, ett community som idag rymmer över 11 000 distansarbetare […]

Do you want to share your growth story?

At all three (soon four!) of The Park’s locations, there is an abundance of both personal and professional diversity. People work within every sort of industry you could imagine between retail, consultation, robotics, life science, gaming, and much more. When you sit down with people you quickly learn that regardless of industry or profession, our […]

Did you know you can get exposure through The Park’s social channels?

At The Park, there are many excellent businesses operating within our doors. And from time to time, something particularly exciting happens for these businesses. For such occasions, we’ve created the Members News Room.  The Members News Room is The Park’s service to our members in which we create written content which we then share through […]

Last chance to apply: Take the stage with The Park’s Bandstand!

If you’ve been at The Park Södra for the last couple of weeks, you might have noticed a new stage pop up inside of the bistro. This is an exciting new space that we offer (for free!) to those who are passionate about organizing events. We love to bring communities together, and that’s why we’ve […]

How Activities like Painting and creative work Foster Professional Growth

In the fast-paced world of professional networking, traditional meetings and industry conferences are often the go-to methods for making connections. However, there is a growing trend towards creative networking, where activities like painting, creative work and dancing are the backdrop for building professional relationships. Surprisingly, these seemingly non-business activities offer a range of benefits that […]

How security leaders utilize bug bounty to defend expanding attack surfaces

Security leaders must continuously adapt their security stack to defend expanding attack surfaces against fast-evolving threats. And with vulnerabilities providing key entry points to networks and customer data, optimizing security testing cost-effectively – given budget constraints – has become an urgent priority. In this rapidly evolving landscape, the Nordics – where technological expertise meets an […]

Speed Dating for friends at The Park

Did you know Sweden is a country notorious for being difficult to find new friends in? Sweden consistently ranks from year to year as one of the most difficult countries in which you can meet new people and form lifelong friendships with.  At The Park, we think that’s too bad, Which is why we were […]

Unleash your passion with Movem at the Urban Kizomba Celebration!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the rhythm of love and experience a dance like no other? Look no further! This Saturday, and for three future Wednesdays, Movem hosts urban kizomba sessions just around the corner here at The Park! Kizomba hails from Angola and has taken the world by storm with its smooth […]

The Parks teknik gjorde det möjligt!

Tech-plattformen myflow har under ett och ett halvt år samarbetat med The Park både för stora digitala event, hybridsändningar och fysiska möten. I deras senaste event “Paketera och sälj som din kund köper” så användes vår studio för att möjligöra både digital och fysisk närvaro! myflow är en digital plattform och är skapat för småföretag […]