NYZÜ Life Science Wins Sweden’s Top Innovation Prize

NYZÜ Life Science achieved a remarkable feat by winning Sweden’s most prestigious innovation award. The SKAPA Prize recognized their outstanding contributions to innovation and creativity. The award was presented in a ceremony at the Tessinska Palace, attended by notable innovators.


Members of The Park

NYZÜ, also members of The Park, joined a select group of awardees. The SKAPA Prize, handed over by County Governor Anna Kinberg Batra, highlighted the historical significance of Stockholm as a breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas. She emphasized Stockholm’s role in nurturing globally renowned companies like Ericsson, Spotify, and Nobel Prize laureates. Batra emphazised the need for continued investment in innovation, particularly during challenging times!

Citation for the award: NYZU’s innovation enables a more efficient and sustainable food production through advanced biotechnology. This enhances the conditions for productive cultivation, both indoors and in agriculture. The solution involves the modification of crop genes, leading to faster and improved cultivation outcomes.


Revolutionizing Crop Growth with Genetic Coding

Earlier this year NYZÜ made waves with their innovative approach to genetic coding in crops, aimed at accelerating growth and increasing food production. As one of the finalists in Venture Cup 2023, NYZÜ joined The Park just before the summer.

Co-founder Sebastian von Melen Callert, a former biotechnology student at KTH, embarked on this journey with Dennis Eriksson over a year ago. Their initial venture into vertical farming prompted them to refocus on crop genetics using the groundbreaking CRISPR/Cas9 method. NYZÜ is still in the developmental phase, actively testing its products. Impressively, they’ve already formed partnerships with Swedish vertical farming companies and have grand plans for global expansion, including countries like India, where hunger remains a pressing concern.

moving into forskaren 2024

An exciting development in NYZÜ Life Science’s journey is their upcoming move to The Park Forskaren, scheduled for January 2024. This transition marks a new chapter in their pursuit of innovation and collaboration, as they become part of the vibrant community at The Park Forskaren, further reinforcing their commitment to shaping the future of innovation.

Our congratulations to NYZÜ know no bounds, and we are eagerly following their remarkable journey! 

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