NYZÜ Life Science Wins Sweden’s Top Innovation Prize

NYZÜ Life Science achieved a remarkable feat by winning Sweden’s most prestigious innovation award. The SKAPA Prize recognized their outstanding contributions to innovation and creativity. The award was presented in a ceremony at the Tessinska Palace, attended by notable innovators.   Members of The Park NYZÜ, also members of The Park, joined a select group […]

Welcome to the Region’s Largest Online Startup Pitching Summit

In a digital age that thrives on innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, the Nordics have emerged as a hotspot for startups to flourish. This year, the stage was set for something unprecedented, as the region hosted its biggest online startup pitching summit. The event aimed to bring together aspiring startups, seasoned entrepreneurs, investors, and a wide […]

The Park Forskaren: En Banbrytande Hubb för Life Science och Innovation

I hjärtat av Hagastaden, ett område känt som en global life science-hubb, växer något extraordinärt fram – The Park Forskaren. Det är mer än bara ett nytt kontorskomplex; det är en inkubator för banbrytande innovation och samarbete inom Life Science.   Visionen för The Park Forskaren Med 2500 kvadratmeter strategiskt placerade mitt i Hagastaden, har […]