The Park - Arvid Axland - 15/4

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WHEN: Wednesday 15/4
TIME: 16.00
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The art of creating meaningful experiences

Arvid Axland is one of the most appreciated lecturers in customer experiences and communication. As products and services become more and more equal, it is the experience that creates the greatest value. The art of creating meaningful experiences will become even more important during and after the Corona epidemic. Arvid gives you tips on how to think ahead to play an even more important role in people's lives and thus succeed as an organization / brand.

Arvid Axland is the author of the book The hunt for emotion - the art of creating meaningful experiences, an inspiring handbook in experience design, which addresses the new currency of our time; the feeling. He is also the founder of Pool communications agency which daily helps companies with these issues. As a writer, inspirer and workshop supervisor, Arvid's mission is to make companies and their employees aware of the value they have the opportunity to create for their surroundings through experiences. In everything they do and say. This is what makes companies profitable in the long run.

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