Stockholm's creative industries: "Opens offices in other countries to reach a larger market"

Recently, reports from municipalities and organizations have highlighted Stockholm's cultural and creative industries' value for Swedish business. Per Strömbäck, spokesperson for the member organization Dataspelsbranschen annually produces one report where it is clear to see how the growth industry plays an increasingly important role: "Sales in Sweden have grown from 1 to 25 billion in the last decade".

The cultural and creative industries consist of companies with culture-creating or creative processes as their business concept or as their raw material. There are also companies that build on the creations of others, for example through distribution and trade through the development of digital services with cultural content.

Seen over a ten-year period, these industries have experienced steady growth, even though there are differences between different subsections. According to a new report from Invest Stockholm The industry's turnover has increased by 35 percent and the number of employees by 13.5 percent since 2010 - and is thus larger than the entire Swedish food industry.

Urban environment - contributing factor to innovation

According to the Computer Gaming Industry Report "Game Development Index 2020”There has been a steady increase here also in terms of sales, employees, number of companies but also a more balanced gender distribution.

- We could have grown even more if there were more people to hire, says Per Strömbäck. Sales in Sweden have grown from 1 to 25 billion in the last decade and as it is now, companies are opening offices in other countries to reach a larger labor market.

According to Per, a creative environment like Stockholm is needed for their members to be able to grow. When they open offices abroad, they choose places like London, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles and then there is no barn in an industrial park, but in the middle of the action. The urban environment with culture, movement and diversity provides inspiration and energy.

- Many companies need flexibility, such as co-working spaces The Park can contribute with similar values as the city, in a more concentrated form. Culture, diversity, inspiration and friends under one roof, says Per Strömbäck.