"The internship at The Park was very educational and hands-on"

Therese Myrbäck - Testimonial

Therese Myrbäck studied to be an Agile IT Project Manager when she applied for an internship at The Park. Here she talks about both practical and theoretical parts she brings with her from her internship period with us. Therese is a joy spreader and good listener who contributed many good ideas to our development team. 

“The reception when I started my internship was great, the gang at The Park are really lovely! Every day you step into the office and get a happy welcome, which kicks off the day in a fantastic way and if you ever need help, there is always someone to ask. It's also from The Park that I got my new favorite motto: "This is the best Monday this week!"

The internship at The Park was very educational and hands-on. What I will have with me in the future is the knowledge of what I want my future workplace to look like and how important I myself think it is to be structured and clear regarding work tasks. ”

What did you have to do during your internship?

“I study Agile IT Project Manager and during the first part of my internship I had to focus mainly on Project Management in IT but also change management, which has been very instructive. During the second part of my internship, I chose to focus on marketing, where I started an SEO project together with the marketing team. ”

What was your biggest lesson?

“My biggest lesson is probably how group dynamics change and develop both for better or worse through change management. We must never forget that all people are different and react differently to change. Building a close-knit team where everyone respects each other is something that will take a lot of time and work, but it is so worthwhile in the end when you look back on the progress that has been made.

My strongest memory from my internship period was when me and a colleague for the first time managed to create and send out a digital contract via our booking system, which is a feature that The Park has tried to develop for 2 whole years. This was a huge victory! … And that I happened to fall down the stairs and at the same time spilled a whole cup of coffee during my first days at work haha! But I think I have developed both as a person and professionally. I believe that you are constantly learning things, both consciously and unconsciously, that you carry on to the next workplace. ”

Would you recommend The Park as an internship to others? 

“I would recommend The Park as an internship to those people who are independent, structured and like to take their own initiatives. At The Park, as I said, you get a very hands-on internship where you quickly get assignments in the area you are studying. A tip I have for everyone who is applying for an internship at The Park is to ensure that you get a supervisor who has the opportunity to help and guide you through your internship and that you together set up a good plan for what the internship should look like and which areas you wants to immerse you in. Then your internship will be great! ”

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