Why Health Integrator stands out among today's health platforms

Teamet på Health Integrator jobbar i The Parks Lounge

Pictured (left): Jenny Bellgran Growth Hacker, Jonas Höglund CPO, Jens Aronsson, Development Lead at Health Integrator.

Health Integrators health platform has contributed to great societal benefits in the healthcare segment in Stockholm. And their passion for their job does not go unnoticed in the office corridors: "Our success factor is precisely that we are a great team", says Fredrik Söder, Health Integrators CEO and founder. 

How many calories can you eat per day? How many hours a week do you have to exercise to lose weight? When we take help from health platforms today, we are often at a stage where we feel that a change must take place. We want to feel better and feel stronger.

Just getting help from a strict diet and exercise schedule can easily cause your motivation to drop after a certain period. This is one of the reasons why our members at Health Integrator have chosen to find long-term plans based on clinical evidence.

- We started our business about 7 years ago and are a group of about 15 people where everyone has a background in different industries such as; IT, Finance and Pharmaceuticals, says Fredrik Söder.

Health Integrator approved by Karolinska Institutet

What makes Health Integrator stand out among its industry colleagues is their broad research and individual competence. The service is also scientifically evaluated. It has been both tested and validated in a randomized controlled study at Karolinska Institutet.

- Already after three months, we could see statistically significant differences in, for example, blood pressure and weight between the group that used the service and the group that did not have access to it, says Ylva Trolle Lagerros, chief physician at the Obesity Center in Stockholm Region and researcher at KI.

Coined the concept of health bond

One of Health Integrators' strongest driving forces is to prevent the development of the chronic disease type 2 diabetes. Together with the Stockholm region, they thus started a unique health bond - the first of its kind.

With the help of the platform, people in the risk group could receive support from a personal health educator and SEK 6,250 to spend on health-related products and services. The long-term idea of the bond was to prevent diseases, not just treat the already sick.

- Our success factor is precisely that we are a great team. Everyone is very different but very driven, which means that we constantly find solutions to new problems because we approach it with many different skills, says Jonas Höglund.

Co-working in front of traditional office space

Today, the company is based in our co-working space The Park Södra. They are a wonderful group that spreads a lot of joy and energy in our office landscapes.

- The Park is flexible, a prerequisite for us to move forward as a company and which also fits perfectly now under Corona.

Health Integrators theme song

Beatles - Help I need somebody … Say those who need better health. Together on the platform, we create 24K magic, concludes Jonas Höglund.

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