Expert help: How to succeed with the company's social media

Sociala medier 2020 trender

No to discounted products without branding content. Do not forget the needs analysis. Include the Social Team in the company's shortcomings and visions. Here is the summary of the speakers' tips on Social Media Marketing Day 2020.

This Tuesday was filled The Park Rådhuset with lecturers and guests where everyone arrived with the same curiosity about trends and success concepts in social media. To find out which experts were on site, click here.

5 topics that permeated the event

Social in crises
To find a valuable social media flow and set a winning strategy, there is a clear 7-step model to use, according to Alexander Morad, CFO and founder of Bright Mind Agency.

A combined group of employees where one person from each link in the organization jointly arrives at a clear communication plan.

Tracking tools
Find out when and how the crisis arises. It creates goodwill when the company can quickly interact and communicate its opinion about the situation that has arisen.

Quick answers
If there are no quick pucks in social media, recipients may perceive the situation as the company hiding something. This can lead to a small spark flaring up and forming an uncontrollable forest fire.

Continuous dialogue
Regardless of the topic, it is important that the company is included in the threads that deal with them. If the company has done something wrong, apologize and explain the situation. Behind each recipient is a person who wants to form an opinion.

Constant information flow
To keep track of the communication and that the company reaches the right recipient, create a forum where everyone gathers and fills the thread with thoughts and questions. In this way, the company is aware of the situation and can control the conversation.

It is not dangerous to talk about the company's situation. Dare to talk about your weaknesses, it gives the company a human side that the recipient values highly.

Encourage Employee Advocacy

If you do not already know what Employee Advocacy is, it is, in short, about turning your employees into ambassadors. Many companies spend more and more of their budget on influencers when they instead look at strengthening the employees' willingness to get involved in the company's product or service.

If your business manages to find a way to create a community and share its values, you can go a long way, according to John Rosenbaum, senior social media specialist at Infomedia.

Mats Gustafsson, grundare, Wednesdays Relations, John Rosenbaum, senior social specialist, Infomedia
Photo: (fv) Mats Gustafsson, founders and conferences, Wednesdays Relations and John Rosenbaum, Senior Social Specialist, Infomedia.

Create a valuable Social team

Many companies make the fatal mistake of hiring a SoMe manager and then expect the employee to succeed in turning the numbers around in a jiffy. A difficult assignment that can lead to unattainable goals and a de-stressed SoMe manager.

Instead, put together a Social team consisting of employees from different departments within the company. The resources are usually already in place but have just not synced with each other. About employees who have more or less knowledge in programs such as GA, Salesforce, CRM, many pieces of the puzzle can fall into place and form a valuable knowledge base containing lots of innovative success concepts.

Needs analysis - obvious but de-prioritized

Companies can create fantastic content with well-thought-out messages, but if the needs analysis is deficient, all work can be done unnecessarily, according to Alexander Morad. Many people forget to produce a simple needs analysis - find their target group and tailor a marketing strategy with a focus on meeting the recipient's needs. Instead, companies put all their powder on fast conversion, a concept that not only becomes short-lived but also unmanageable in terms of follow-up and added value.

Psst! Koll Keep track of Facebook Events

Sweden is one of 20 countries that have gained access to Facebook's new live broadcast tool. There, companies can charge recipients who want to watch their live broadcasts. This feature is a significant role for many who make a living at social events, especially now under the corona, including personal trainers and yoga instructors.

The Park would like to thank you very much Wednesday Relations who set up an inspiring program with many experienced speakers in our premises at The Park City Hall. We look forward to an at least as eventful event in 2021!

Erwan Derlyn, Growth-konstult och operativ partner, Luminar Ventures.
Photo: Erwan Derlyn, Growth Consultant and Operating Partner, Luminar Ventures.