5 benefits of co-office you may not have thought of

Before you take the big step of signing a lease for your future office space, have you ever considered co-office as an alternative? Here we list all the positive aspects that come with sitting and working on one co-working space, also called office hotel. 

1. Community

In a community, an endless edition of valuable knowledge is available, both for you and your company. Whether you are a social person or not, you have the chance to meet or listen to other companies who are more than happy to share their thoughts and experiences.

The opportunity to develop in their role and as a company increases enormously when knowledge and ideas are criticized and concretized with the help of other like-minded people. A benefit that is limited in a more isolated office environment.

At The Park, we do our utmost to make our members feel like one of us and be able to take advantage of the valuable community. We therefore make sure to create different types of events so that everyone finds something that suits them. It can be about inspiring breakfast seminar, yoga classes, joint lunch walks, AW's etc.

2. Flexibility

What many companies may find cumbersome and risky is having to sign up for long and expensive leases with property owners. Today's companies are constantly evolving and may either shrink or grow, need to move faster or stay longer in an office.

A co-office makes sure to adapt to the company's needs and sees solutions instead of restrictions if the company should need less or larger office space.

Are you wondering if we can find an office space that suits your business? Get in touch here!

3. Cost effective

Office paper, printers, tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, electricity, water, post-its, pens, the list of materials and premises costs can go away pretty quickly. A huge advantage of working at a co-office is that these expenses are included in the fixed monthly rent. The time you also need to spend on fixing paperwork, repairs and ordering office products is greatly reduced as they are handled by The Parks staff, this in turn allows you to focus on your job instead of replacing the lamp on the toilet.

4. Service

Could the coffee have tasted a little better? Are you wondering if there is a bicycle garage? Is there a gym near the office and in such cases does your company have a membership discount available? If you are new to a job, it is not so strange that thoughts arise about everything between heaven and earth.

At The Park, our magical Mood Managers have control. They are there for you to feel at home at your workplace and provide you with all the practical information you may need. In addition to making it easier for you as a member, they are constantly working to improve The Park as an office and community.

5. Extra everything

As a icing on the cake, there are a host of benefits that are either free or discounted for The Parks co-office members. Among other things, a Friday breakfast that is served weekly, inspirational lectures, fully equipped podcast studio, bicycle garage, café and catering, membership offers, proximity to the gym and public transport.

Are you eager to visit one of our co-office spaces? Do not hesitate to contact us us at The Park.