Venture Cup new members at The Park

We have the pleasure to welcome the Venture Cup to The Park. Venture Cup is Sweden's leading competition for business ideas, so you have a great idea to enter and compete!
Below you have a little more information about the Venture Cup and the wonderful people who sit with us.
Venture Cup is Sweden's leading competition for business ideas and every year hundreds of entrepreneurs are helped to develop their ideas for tomorrow's companies. This is done through a national competition concept, which with clear deadlines and constructive feedback from experts from the business community helps entrepreneurs to take their business idea to market. Venture Cup has been a non-profit organization since its inception in 1998.e
At The Park, Venture Cup's national management consists of Julia Selander, CEO, Kristin Jörnsved, Partner Manager and Jonna Knibestöl, Marketing Manager. Then you have an idea - talk to Venture Cup!

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