“The company that cares for thousands of others”

The Park co-working space is so much more than a traditional workplace. This is a second home to many hard working people who are brought together thanks to our warm community vibe. Together we create the workplace of the future and we would be nothing without the community that is created between co-workers.

What is The Park today?

The Park started in 2004 and is one of Stockholm's oldest co-working spaces with two facilities at attractive addresses. Today we have about 1000 members from a variety of industries - everything from health coaches, lecturer and hr consultants to game developers, tech companies, architects and many, many more.

We offer flexible workspaces, lounges, conference and meeting rooms and event rooms. Our values of an inspiring, creative and inclusive workplace can be seen in our facilities where we organize ping pong tournaments, Friday breakfasts, member lunches, lectures, workshops, conferences and events to strengthen the community.

How was the idea born?

The Park was born due to an exciting accident at work. In 2002, the co-working space's founder Mikael Ahlström was looking for a venue for his then film company. He found a nice little studio floor on Sveavägen with an attic character and a balcony that unfortunately sat together with the building's inner staircase. To rent the studio, he also needed to rent the room next door, which became financially unsustainable. The idea to hire other companies was put in motion - a project that went unexpectedly well, which led to him renting one more floor and one more floor. Not long after that, a successful company concept was created under the name The Park.

Listen to the whole story on the coworking podcast here.

The Park Way

With a carefully designed concept, The Park has created a self-sustaining ecosystem within co-working that is focused on promoting development and growth in companies of all sizes. With all that entails, we can offer a workplace that has everything under one roof. A professional relationship, a digital production, a good lunch, an inspiring meeting or personal service should always be close at hand. It creates the right conditions for good mental health and successful, sustainable business.


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