Do not miss the café's magical Christmas plate

Jultallrik på Park Café

During the Christmas period, we want to be able to offer an extra cozy and cozy life so that every day in the office feels like a day out of the ordinary. Our café is in the name of honesty - crazy at Christmas - and loves everything that belongs to Christmas. On December 4, we therefore add a completely unique Christmas plate to our menu that transforms the everyday lunch into a luxurious lunch break that can be enjoyed on your own, together with a friend or colleague.

Park Café's magical Christmas plate

2 kinds of home-fixing herring
Smoked shrimp with aioli
Homemade salmon with hovis
Cold smoked salmon with horseradish cream
Eggs with our skagen mash
Boiled potato
Catrines Jansson
Christmas ham from happy pig with homemade mustard
Turkey breast with pineapple coleslaw
Red cabbage salad with orange
Crispbread and 2 kinds of cheese


As I said, the plate can be enjoyed from and including Friday 7 December until Christmas. Merry Christmas!