The Park - Henrik Johansson - 14/4

WHEN: Tuesday 14/4
TIME: 16.00
WHERE: Digitally on Zoom
HOW: Get ZOOM just as well on the computer as on the mobile)
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Design your Future

The ongoing global crisis has given us entrepreneurs new challenges, where many lose their income, feel anxious and need to find new ways or re-create themselves.

Welcome to an interactive online workshop where you can test methods based on neuroscience and research that help you increase your mental resistance. You will also get to experience tools and processes for navigating and designing your future in a world of uncertainty! 

The workshop will be led by Henrik Johansson, who works to lead processes for personal and organizational transformation with the aim of creating attractive futures and manifesting visions into reality. 

Henrik is the founder of Inner Island, co-owner of Emerging and coach of the Potential Project. He has been involved in various innovation projects for customers including Hyper Island, Greenpeace, IKEA etc. Henrik has led various types of change processes for 15 years for over 10,000+ people

Henrik has practiced mindfulness for 20 years, studied with some of the world's foremost experts and has experienced how it can increase focus, productivity, well-being and innovation.