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Talking nicely has been getting a lot of media attention for a while now. Much thanks to their founder Elaine Eksvärd who appeared in social channels such as Nyhetsmorgon, TV4, where she talks about the importance of talking nicely in different social contexts. When they moved into The Park Södra, we saw that their company, just like their rhetorical methods, contains people from different professional backgrounds who together form a fantastic, wonderful team. 

Their concept started in the autumn of 2010 at Elaine and Gustav's kitchen table in Liljeholmen. That was when they decided to take the rhetoric from the rostrum to people's everyday lives - they wanted to make it more accessible, whereupon they started Snacka Snyggt. They also decided that the difference between them and other rhetoric agencies that existed then was that it would be about modern rhetoric.

- We live by the motto "Do not be smart - make yourself understood". After a course or workshop with us, you are not crammed with a lot of Latin concepts but with tools to speak better regardless of the challenge, says Charlotte Colliander, education coordinator and CEO assistant at Snacka Snyggt.

But entrepreneurship was not a matter of course for Elaine, it was more the difficulties of getting a job that gave her no choice but to start her own.

The success factor lies in the differences of employees

By hiring people who are completely different from each other and the best in their segment, the Snacka Snyggts team has complemented each other in a good way. When they face adversity, there are then several souls who have different cutting-edge skills who take an area of responsibility and ensure that it is not only good but best - which is constantly for them going forward.

- We want to convey the importance of hiring the right people in the right place. Keep in mind that the person should not only be good at their job but also fit into the group as a whole, this is extra important for smaller companies, says Charlotte.

Which song would you say represents your company best? 

Laleh - Goliath
- Apart from the fact that it is a very good song, we often talk about Goliath and the David tool in our courses.

Together we reach new heights

- Since we moved to The Park, The Park has shown top service and been so cooperative. Since we have courses at The Park Södra, our customers connect us with The Park Södra. So how our customers experience the courses is affected by how it is at The Park. And we can say that it is only POSITIVE from the customers. Together we can take our courses to new levels.

We at The Park are so happy that you rent office space with us gang, you contribute with a lot of joy, creativity and a nice atmosphere in the community and in our premises. Cheers!

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