Aware Nutrition tackles a gray area in the dietary supplement industry

Grundarna av Aware Nutrition Fabian Gustafsson Lejonstål och Joel Lindqvist

Aware Nutritions founders, Joel Lindqvist and Fabian Gustafsson Lejonstål is a young entrepreneurial duo with a great interest in strength training. After long feeling great distrust of the dietary supplement product range, they decided to take matters into their own hands. Today, they therefore sit and develop high-quality products for strength trainers The Park Haga and has a clear strategy to always develop more and for the better.

- At first we only sold our products at retailers, then we got our own warehouse where we two packed completely ourselves and finally we transferred the responsibility of packing to 3PL. All this in one and the same year, says Joel Lindqvist, one of the founders of Aware Nutrition.

It goes unnoticed that the founders of this company are not only young but also hard-working and hard-working entrepreneurs who take great pride in what they have achieved over the past 1.5 years.

A long-awaited product

In August 2018, the concept began to be prepared and the first product was launched on the market in May 2019. Joel and Fabian have been training at the gym since they were 14 years old and found early on a great passion for this type of lifestyle. During these years, they tested many different products from different brands and often thought "where does this protein powder really come from?"

- It was sometimes difficult to know what you really got. We simply wanted to get a better insight into the industry and instead offer products that we ourselves stood for and behind. Where we ourselves know where they are produced and what they contain. As soon as we had decided to make this idea a reality, we started with a marketing plan, label design, resale list, everything!

Despite an impressive growth journey, the boys want to continue with the development of opportunities for improvement in the departments' various processes.

- If we release a new product with x number in stock and sell out in three days, we will in the next turn with another product sell out as many cans in two days. We always want to get better and we never stop working until everything feels one hundred percent good

The event that indicates forehead bone and a lot of will

In the last month before Aware Nutrition was to change from the warehouse where they packed their goods, they had an extremely large number of orders for two people to take care of all by themselves. One day they had a sale, which resulted in working days that started at 04.00 in the morning. DHL also did not come daily to the place where their warehouse was located, which meant that they had to go in with the packages and leave them at a DHL station that needed to receive all packages before 16.00.

- One day it became extra stressful and we had to call for the parents' family car where we had to cram in all the packages, which filled up the whole car. When we arrived at the station, the DHL truck had already left - but we did not give up. We decided to drive after the truck out on the highway. Finally we caught up with it, we honked and blinked and managed to get it to turn off at a gas station. Thankfully, it was a kind driver who let us place all our orders.

From warehouses to The Parks co-working space

Aware Nutrition's success story continues and we at The Park see how the company size grows slowly but surely.

- With The Park's beautiful environment and surroundings, we will develop in the right direction - forward. While we can work in peace and quiet when we need to, we can also socialize and expand our network of contacts with other entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs that can ultimately lead to possible collaborations or just wonderful discussions where we can help each other. We have only been sitting here for a little over a month but we are looking forward to many more.

Aware Nutrition's theme song
Drake - Started from the bottom

Now you are here and we at The Park look forward to following your journey. Go Go!

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