Alexis: The company that digitizes HR - moves to The Park after major investment

Nima Samimi, serieentreprenör och grundare för Alexis.

Alexis Is a fast-growing company that combines smart technology with HR to make it easier for growing companies. After arranging a new investment from Norwegian Alliance Ventures, they are now growing out of their old premises as the team grows and moves to a larger office on The Park Södra.

Alexis HR was founded in 2018 by the serial entrepreneur Nima Samimi together with the development team Jon, Erik and Emil in Karlstad. Fredrik and Johannes, who have previously been on Spotify but now run The Talent Company, were also involved early on and laid the foundation for the company, which is now gearing up for the new year.

- As a serial entrepreneur, I have founded and run several other companies, including Ztory, which in 2019 was sold to Storytel. It was when I scaled up the workforce from 7 employees to 25+ people, at the same time as we opened offices in several countries, that the need for an HR hub became apparent. At such a stage, you need to spend a lot of time on personnel administration and important events related to it. The excel lists and time were simply not enough and therefore the idea was born for Alexis as an HR hub.

After a year of technical development of the product, they were able to launch the service to the market in 2020. Since then, everything has gone like the train for Alexis and they continue to hire new employees.

Secures the future for its customers

Nima says that Alexis' success depends on several things. The company has developed a product that solves a clear problem in growing companies where demand has increased. Management and visualization of personnel data is not only relevant for HR but is important for decision-makers and business leaders who hire and manage events around it, both in the short and long term. GDPR is becoming increasingly important and Alexis' product means that you save time and can otherwise streamline manual work.

- I am happy to have a really experienced team that is incredibly good at their job and can meet the customer's needs. But most important of all - make sure that Alexis adapts the product to what the market's future needs are.

Businesses in motion

Sitting with us at The Park has at this stage become a smart solution for a company like Alexis that is constantly changing. Nima also says that a perfect example is that we enable them as a company to quickly switch to larger offices now that they are growing.

- We also think it's nice to be part of a larger community to be able to find synergies with other companies that are in a similar phase as we are. The workplace will be more fun if we can help each other and also find new ways forward. Then we like the café and the natural meeting place it becomes, especially after the pandemic when we really want to meet customers and partners for real again.

Running a business is often a cool journey where you constantly have to learn new things and at the same time manage change. An example of such a change was when Alexis - before 2020 - had hired its first employees, sales manager & customer success, which started around the same time as they launched in February last year.

- A month later, the pandemic struck and everything stopped for us. Sales stood still, the dialogues we had with investors froze and our budget completely crashed. We understood that the pandemic would not blow over in the near future and needed to go back to the drawing board to review our costs and gain perseverance. As we could not short-term layoffs the new employees, we chose to be completely transparent and explain the situation to them. Just a few hours after that conversation, they came back voluntarily and offered to reduce their salaries temporarily so we could work our way through this together.

A few months later, the sale started and they hit budget month after month, which resulted in investors getting interested in them.

- In this case, we feel that the pandemic has made the team stronger because we not only gained new customers but also a new investment of SEK 12 million from Alliance Venture. We have in a way shaped an unstoppable machinery, which I think we will benefit greatly from for a long time to come.

Alexis theme song

Many of Alexis' employees like dancing music that provides good energy and creates flow during the working day. Their team song is therefore "Franky Wah's - Come together" which makes you perk up and describes them very well as the title is spot on.

Team Alexis

Today, the team (in addition to the founders) consists of Lisa who is the international sales manager and Marcus who recently took on the role of marketing manager. The company is growing so fast and in the second week of January, four more people have onboard. Namely Malin, Vesa, Daniel and Vanja. A really good start to the new year in other words.

Funny enough, Alexis HR takes over The Park team's office space on the third floor of The Park Södra - a pleasant problem that we are more than happy to agree on as there are always other office solutions to be found in our premises.

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