Lunch and learn – how to start and grow a podcast!


Meet The Park member Maddy Savage, a freelance BBC podcaster, host and early adopter of the podcasting trend. Moving to Stockholm in 2014, she started the podcast The Stockholmer a few years later, targeting other internationals in the city, and has since then worked as a freelancer to help others who are interested in starting their own podcast.

Thanks to her experience freelancing and hosting podcasts, she’s got the best tips on how to start and grow your own podcast!

In her lunch & learn session today at The Park Södra, she walked us through the pillars of podcasting: how to develop, produce and publish your podcast, and also WHY podcasts are a great way to reach your audience – as well as what the podcast market in Sweden looks like today.

Interested in starting your own podcast?

Do you also want to use podcasting as a channel for your audience or have an idea and want to create your own podcast? Reach out to Maddy who works as both a podcast coach and producer. You can reach her on Linkedin.

We have a full studio team and professional podcasting studios at The Park where you can record your sessions. Reach out to studios@thepark.se to book your slots!

Want to host an event or activity at The Park?

Are you an expert on a topic and want to host a lunch and learn event? Reach out to community@thepark.se 


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