How can sellers prepare for Amazon's establishment in Sweden?

Peter Luzenburg expert inom sälj, Amazon.

When: Thursday 27 August
Time: 15.00-15: 45
Where: Digital on Zoom
How: Get ZOOM
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This is how sellers can prepare for Amazon's establishment in the Swedish market

A warm welcome to a ZOOM meeting where we discuss Amazon's upcoming establishment in Sweden. We share thoughts and reflections on what we know, hear or believe. What can we as salespeople do to prepare? The meeting is to help each other think in the paths around Amazon's establishment and is thus open for all registered to participate in the discussion!

The meeting is free and organized by Peter Luxenburg, FROST Ltd. Guest: Anna Nordlander, Acnor. Sponsors: The Park and Meetup.

Feel free to email your questions before the meeting here!

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