What & #039; s up Fyndiq?

One of our alumni companies about how well it can go when you sit in a good place and get the opportunity to focus on the right things 🙂
Three questions to Fredrik Norberg, Founder and CEO - Fyndiq
Tell me, who are you and what do you do?
Fyndiq collects hundreds of thousands of bargain products from hundreds of stores in one and the same online store. We are the Swedish fast-growing marketplace that has already helped over 2 million Swedes to bargain quickly and easily all over the world. Through the platform's secure and controlled channels, Swedish, European and international stores can reach digital consumers who want to bargain with a good conscience.
Why did you choose to sit at The Park?
We had just started and wanted to sit in an environment where we could collaborate with other companies, but we also needed flexibility to be able to grow without moving. The Park at that time was a small, homely and personal place and we sat together with other companies that then grew and became international successes, such as Leo Vegas.
Has The Park facilitated or contributed to your business? So, how?
Yes, partly we exchanged help and ideas with other companies and partly we got the opportunity to focus on our business instead of looking for a new office, which we would otherwise have had to do every 6 months with the growth rate we had then. We have also both recruited and found partners via The Park, which should not be underestimated.

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