We compete side by side with Health Integrator in the Nordic Startup Awards

Health Integrator is a new digital health service that creates the conditions for better health and prevents disease through sustainable changes in lifestyles. An innovative and not least long-awaited concept that many people can use. We at The Park think it's great fun that we are now competing side by side for a win in two separate categories in the Nordic Startup Awards. 

Changing your lifestyle is difficult. Many want and know that they should but have a hard time getting started and some quickly fall back into old habits.

Via the platform, users get access to a large number of health services and activities in areas such as physical activity, diet, sleep, smoking cessation and stress management, and with the help of a personal health educator, an individual health plan is developed based on the activities and health solutions that best suit the individual.

On the platform, you can then measure and follow your own progress and the health educator supports the individual along the journey towards their personal goals.

- It feels fantastic fun and we are proud of the nomination! The fact that our new digital health platform is receiving attention in this forum is a sign that what we are doing is good and that the preventive health initiative and the unique solution are just in time. Seeing the value of preventing disease and investing in the long term makes both the individual and society winners, says Fredrik Söder, founder and CEO.

Personal help for prediabetics

On behalf of the Stockholm region, a new unique opportunity is now being offered for pre-diabetics between the ages of 50–60 in the Stockholm region to receive help and support from a personal health educator and a financial contribution of SEK 6,250 per year to purchase health-related products and services.

The service is based on clinical studies conducted by Karolinska Institutet and is launched on behalf of the Stockholm Region together with Skandia and SEB. It has been developed in collaboration with, among others, Friskis & Svettis Stockholm, Alex Therapeutics, Apoteket, GIH and the Greater Stockholm Diabetes Association.

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