Tom and Emil take vegan fish to the next level

Hooked Foods is today run by two happy and forward-thinking bundles of energy - Emil Wasteson and Tom Johansson. Together, they are well on their way to developing four vegan fish alternatives under the name Hooked Foods. The taste sensation, tuna, a fish species that has long been threatened with extinction, will soon be launched: "It's not us it's about, but a major change," says Tom at Hooked. 

Tom grew up out in the Stockholm archipelago where seafood has always been an obvious part of the family diet, almost like a religion. When his sister took the step to become vegan, it was as if she swore in church and it became a hot topic of discussion around the dinner table in the evenings.

- What my sister missed the most was seafood and the few plant-based alternatives on the market lacked both taste and nutrition.

Tom was then connected with Emil through a mutual friend and together they began to take a closer look at the industry and realized that the fishing industry is facing enormous challenges with a consumption that is estimated to increase by 30% over the next ten years. This at the same time as overfishing, collapsing crops and levels of microplastics and heavy metals are already a major problem today. The realization was that a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to seafood is needed more than ever.

It is noticeable that people thrive here…

What mainly motivates the Hooked Foods guys is that they want to contribute with the greatest possible positive impact in the world. During the most challenging periods, their mission to lead the transition to a healthier seafood ecosystem has helped them continue.

- It is not about us but about a major change. It is incredibly motivating to feel that we are proud of what we do.

The competition that resulted in shock and laughter

Last winter, the boys signed up for Polar Bear Pitching, a pitch competition performed standing in an ice floe. To prepare, they went to an ice bath coach and went in minus 10 degrees out to Djurgården to train.

- Competition people as we are, we jumped in and after a couple of minutes we climbed proud and high on adrenaline up the steps.

What they did not see was that the difficult part had not yet begun. Their towels had frozen in the bridge and their hands were so cold that Ed could not put on his clothes. Finally, they went to a hotel lobby where they sat the rest of the morning, shivering and were half shocked by the experience.

- Unfortunately, the pitch final was canceled due to Covid-19, but the ice bath was not in vain! It had hit something in us and despite the not too positive experience, we have both continued with cold baths since then.

Do not stop us now

Since Hooked really loves his job and always has fun at work, their theme song is of course Queen - Do not stop me know.

We at The Park think it's fantastic fun to hear that Tom and Emil thrive with us and that they like the vibe in our community.

- We have our places with good peace of mind but also the lobby with a more relaxed and chill atmosphere. It is noticeable that people thrive here and there is a positive atmosphere that spreads. That The Park is also tagged on doing events (when the situation allows) is something we value.

An important part for Hooked is to conduct taste tests and PR events for their products. January 2021, you can expect a launch event in our premises for their new product. Watch out!