Moore to be makes artists find their personal spark

From Lili and Susi who are current in the TV show "So much better" this Saturday, to Kleerup and Magnus Carlsson. The members Moore to be is the company that - thanks to the founder Anna More - has managed to create a serious and successful concept as a PR company in the entertainment industry.

Tobias Grönlund is one of our members who chooses his office space for the day and is most visible up in Walk in the Park on the 4th floor. Together with his colleague Anna Moore, their focus is to take on artists in the entertainment industry who need good PR and coaching. The company goes by the name Moore to be.

The brains behind the company

Anna Moore is one of Sweden's most experienced PR strategists and works as a coach and communication expert. Anna has helped hundreds of artists and entrepreneurs to reach a larger audience.

- She lights stars in the sky and makes debutants take to the next level. In 2019, she released the book "The stage is yours - Make your brand a hit", which is a book written for everyone who wants to build their brand and reach out, says Tobias Grönlund.

Tobias works as the company's PR Manager and has previously worked as a manager for the rock band Kerbera and works as an ambassador manager at RAW comedy club. Since 2018, he has worked with artists such as Magnus Carlsson, Klara Zimmergren, Kleerup, Lili & Susie and more.  

When and how was your business concept born?

- Moore To Be was started in 2003 by Anna Moore who, after being employed by various music companies such as Sony Music and Universal Music, wanted to try out her own PR ideas.

Initially, Moore To Be specialized in PR and media training of artists in the entertainment industry. But today the company offers advice and services in all types of communication such as PR, marketing and brand strategies.

- Our success factor is our burning drive and feeling to reach the person behind the artist and Anna's developed model "Moore To Be model".

Working in a community was a strategic choice

The hope of sitting in a co-working space is to be able to find new collaborations and expand their network with nice people. Something they noticed that we on The Park possesses.

- Who knows, maybe there is someone here who wants to reach out stronger?  

If you were to describe your company with a song, what song would it be?

Masen - Time to shine Because it's about taking advantage of the time, taking your place and just shining!

We at The Park are so happy that they have chosen to sit with us and we hope that we will soon see them in a larger context at our co-office where they share their knowledge with us and everyone in the community.