Inspiration Breakfast - AnnCharlotte Bretan and Johan Thesslin - 20/2

WHERE: The Park Södra, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 3
WHEN: Thursdays
TIME: Breakfast 07: 30-08: 00
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The price for motivation is set in currencies other than money!

Traditional reward systems are built on the premise that higher pay increases performance. At the same time, the assumption is made that motivation can be bought for money on increasingly tough tests. Businesses that are at the forefront use reward systems that give them access to employees' creativity, courage and perseverance. Reward systems that focus not only on money but just as much on which ways of working and behaviors release motivation.

Are you curious to:
- Understand what rewards create a high-performing culture?
- Create a magical mix of psychological, social and monetary rewards in your business?

AnnCharlotte Bretan and Johan Thesslin have started the Rewards Workshop to change the view of pay and leadership in Sweden. The reward workshop wants to be a bridge between the old way of managing pay and a new way of leading businesses where reward is a natural part of everyday life.

Welcome to an inspiring lecture!