Sveavägen 98

”Corporate New York”

The Park Sveavägen is located in the central parts of Stockholm, facing Handelshögskolan, with the subway located in the same building. The space takes you straight to New York and Wall Street.

During the weekdays, conferences, workshops and lectures are held at Sveavägen. The workdays are often ended with an AW and mingle with other members, companies, and entrepreneurs. Collaboration and co-working is the heart of The Park – we’re the culture you didn’t know you were missing!

Become a part of The Park Sveavägen

We offer four different types of memberships: Room, Mobile, Fulltime and Lounge. Everything is tailored to suit your and your companys needs. In addition you the office space, reception, wifi, printers, coffee, friends, gym, breakfast buffet, postal address, conference rooms and much much more is included.

Our spaces is charactarized by light, love and an industrial feeling. We offer open, social areas as well as private rooms.

Inquiry of interest