Many traditional Wellness activities involve real-life interactions with people, but there is a growing use of technology to create scalable experiences to keep us humans happy and performing well. Join us at The Park Södra for an exploration of what’s new in Wellness, as groundbreaking companies Furhat Robotics and Mentalytics join us to demo their latest meditation robot and brain-controlled focus training tool respectively. 

Furhat Robotics
Founded in 2014, Furhat Robotics is a Stockholm-based Conversational AI and Social Robotics company that is building the world’s first social robotics and conversational system platform. Furhat’s mission is to build social robots that empower people to interact with technology the way we humans interact with each other.

Furhat Meditation Robot
Relieve your stress and balance your mind with the Furhat Meditation Robot. Through a truly immersive wellness experience, the Furhat robot will help you learn how to meditate, calm your breathing, lower your heart-rate and achieve a healthier state of well-being.

Founded in 2002, Mentalytics has for the past 20 years been industry leading in commercial EEG and with its flagship product Mindball the company has educated over 15 million people on how focus works and can be trained. Mentalytics has now dedicated themselves towards creating a digital gym for the brain where everyone gets the opportunity of better mental wellbeing and performance.

Mentalytics Focus Trainer
Train your brain with Mentalytics: Play a racing game with your focus as the only input. Progress over time and see energy levels, overall sleep quality, and productivity skyrocket. Follow Mentalytics 1 month training program to get the most out of the training and eventually you can call yourself a focus pro!

Datum: Wed 29 March 
Plats: The Park Södra
Tid: 16:30-17:30

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