"Interns get the chance to lead different projects and are encouraged to share their ideas"

Shih-Yao Liang - Testimonial

Shih-Yao Liang studied her last time on Hyper Island when she became one of the gang at The Park. After just a few weeks as an intern with us, she began operationally evaluating and analyzing our digital marketing channels with a focus on Google Ads Manager. Her job laid the foundation for a new way of marketing The Park, something we are eternally grateful for. 

“I felt welcome from the first day at The Park. One of my colleagues with whom I worked closely had prepared everything I needed for my first day on the job. I am very happy that I got to do an internship with nice and good colleagues and got a lot of help when I needed it - even though I worked 100% from home due to the pandemic. ”

What did you have to do during your internship?

“I worked as a project manager in Branding & Digital Marketing. In the role, I had to handle SEM, SEO, market analysis and projects on a weekly basis. I learned a lot in digital marketing and definitely believe that this skill will help me move forward in my future career. ”

What was your strongest memory?

"I have many good memories from my internship period, but the strongest thing was probably to constantly work with supportive and fun colleagues."

Do you feel that you have developed professionally / as a person? 

"Yes. In the role, I took the most responsibility for analysis, which means that I put a lot of focus on numbers and strategy. These tasks were quite different from those at my previous jobs where I worked a lot with people. Therefore, I would say that I have developed as an analytical person. "

Would you recommend The Park as an internship to others?

"Yes! I think The Park is a creative workplace where you get to work with a lot of freedom under responsibility - as in a startup. Trainees get a chance to lead different projects and are encouraged to share their ideas. As I said, I had to take full responsibility for the digital marketing analysis and implement my ideas. If you are a person who wants to learn a lot by working very practically or developing your skills quickly within a short period of time? Then The Park is the right workplace for you! ”    

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