Oxfam - justice fighter and our new member


Oxfam will soon arrive at our premises, a legal organization that works to reduce the social divide and contribute to a better world. To increase awareness of today's negative impact on the climate, they are now launching one study which shows how much richer Swedes emit carbon dioxide versus those with the lowest incomes in the country. 

We at The Park were very happy when we heard that Oxfam wanted to be part of our community. They are not only an organization with a valuable and important concept, they are also a group of nice people who we believe will contribute a lot of heart to our network.

- We think it feels very fun to move into The Park. Being a small organization as part of a larger community where other idea-driven organizations also exist will hopefully lead to positive synergy effects and an even more fun workplace, says Johan Pettersson, Secretary General of Oxfam Sweden.

In their study which was published in DN debate raises the amount of carbon dioxide emissions rich the environment is exposed to unlike low-income earners. With a span of 15 years, their chart clearly shows how emissions decreased by 16 percent among the 50 percent with the lowest income, while the richest percent increased their total emissions by 11 percent.

- The report points out that the biggest difference between the income groups is that high-income earners travel more. Air travel and car travel account for half of the emissions for the Swedes who emit the most carbon dioxide. The fact that Swedes are buying larger and heavier cars, such as SUVs, is also part of the problem, ”says Johan Pettersson

Their solution - extra fees

Oxfam sees that an extra tax on particularly emission-intensive services and goods - such as on air travel and heavy passenger cars - could be introduced where the income is then distributed equally to the population. Those with high emissions then pay more in fees than they get back, but those with low emissions get more money in their wallets.

- Such a measure could both reduce emissions as it provides financial incentives to emit less, and increase climate justice as it is those with high emissions who have to pay the most. In Canada, a variant of this has been introduced.

We are grateful to be able to move to an office where these issues are taken seriously…

The Parks' own measures for a better environment

The Park tries as best it can to create office environments that think about the environment. We therefore have solar cells installed on our roofs, set up recycling stations in the kitchens on each floor and only recycled paper in our printers.

In the café we work closely with TooGoodToGo which makes it easy for guests to pick up take-away from today's lunch menu, which contributes to reduced food waste. The coffee / tea we serve is of course Fairtrade-certified - which stands for fair working conditions.

- We strive to have as low an environmental impact as possible for our business, in addition to air travel, the physical workplace is one of the most important parts to work with. We are grateful to be able to move to an office space where these issues are taken seriously and we really try to minimize the environmental impact.

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