Put your own stamp in your office room and at the same time get all the benefits that come with co-working

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Brand your own office space with us

In your own office room, you can live exactly as you want and have the opportunity to create a personal setting and branding for your particular company. You can choose from a large selection of office rooms where all are equipped with ergonomic furniture.
Of course, all service and all other benefits that come with working in a co-working space are included, a perfect solution for you who want to be part of The Park's fine community.
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Office space
Meeting room
Conference rooms
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As a member with us, you can have your own office during the time period that suits you best.


We make sure that everything works as it should in your office so that you can focus on your work.


Office near you

Choose to have your own office where it is most convenient for you. Our facilities are located at three attractive addresses in Stockholm.