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LEKAB nya medlemmar på The Park

Nu har LEKAB flyttat in på Hälsingegatan

Nu har LEKAB flyttat in på The Park – här nedan kan ni läsa mer om dem och titta in på deras hemsida.

LEKAB provides solutions and services which enables companies to streamline, improve and automate their daily processes. We have done so since 1994. Over the years we have helped many of Northern Europe’s most prominent companies to increase their efficiency and accessibility through better communication and messaging solutions integrated to their business processes. Our expertise in how communication solutions streamline business processes and engage customers has made us a leading provider of A2P solutions in Northern Europe.


LEKAB helps its customer to proceed with Digital and Mobile Transformation by offering both its expertise and tools and make the journey productive and successful. Our Intelligent and Robotic Process Automation solutions enables companies to automate manual and repetitive, rule-based tasks and processes in order to increase the productivity of the knowledge workers. Because of our experience and expertise, we gain the confidence of our clients to become their partner and trusted advisor.


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